The Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition presented by The Toorak Village Traders Association, is back again for its 20th year – with many wonderful sculptures on display this year at TOK H. We’ve put together a list of all the sculptures you’ll find around our centre.

Sculptures at TOK H

Blooms The Chemist
Sculpture number:  87

At Blooms The Chemist, in their window you will be able to see Alison Parkinson’s Ciel Mysterieux creation made using porcelain and steel.

The Food House

Sculpture number: 76 & 77

At The Food House Toorak you will not only find one sculpture, but two. The first one is entitled Eggplant and has been created by Peter King using mild steel.

The second sculpture has been made by Moz Moresi out of steel and is called Getting Screwed.

Fish n Grill

Sculpture number: 79

If you’re walking past Fish n Grill you’ll find Andre Sardon’s Misspent Youth sculpture made out of steel and powdercoated.

Rouben’s Speciality Coffee

Sculpture number: 82

On your way to picking up your daily coffee fix from Rouben’s Speciality Coffee you’ll find Julie Ramsden’s crochet, sculpey and mixed media sculpture, Match Point.

Toorak Medical Centre

Sculpture number: 83

On level 1 in the Toorak Medical Centre window you’ll find Monica Mauer Jan’s, I Will Love You Forever made out of Bronze 1/6.

Toorak Village Podiatry

Sculpture number: 84

At Toorak Village Podiatry, you’ll find the most fitting sculpture for this retailer, being Faustas Saduskas’, Foothold sculpture made from Marble.

TOK H Corporate Centre

Sculpture number: 85 & 86

Up on level 1 near the TOK Corporate Centre you will see Aukje van Vark’s, Leafy Seadragon made from a combination of Bronze, redgum, cyprus, steel and zinc.

Opposite the Leafy Dragon, is Pattle Berrens, Mine-d earth, sculpture created with clay, devilla twine, branches and cloth.


More about The Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition

This fantastic event is put on by Toorak Village Traders Association every year to showcase various artists work and encourage more visitors to Toorak Village, and this year will be the 20th year. To find out where all the sculptures are within Toorak Village, check out their digital catalogue of works on their website, or pick up a catalogue from any store which has a sculpture displayed.

How to Purchase a Sculpture

Found a sculpture you’re looking to buy? Enquire at the exhibit location of the sculpture about the availability. All payments of sculptures are to be processed at Blooms The Chemist TOK H.

We hope this helps you have a great time exploring TOK H and Toorak Village while enjoying the wonderful sculptures.

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