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Hudson Meats Profile

hudson collageHudson Meats follows the “Paddock to Plate” philosophy and the Hudson team specialise in sourcing regional produce and frequently liaise directly with the farmers.

At Hudson’s you will be able to find Cape Grim Grass Fed Beef from Tasmania, Dry Aged Beef, Lamb from Cowra, Pork from Byron Bay, Barossa Chickens, Italian Prosciuttos, Spanish Jamón and Artisan handmade Salamis.

The Healthiest Choices

A major benefit of raising animals on green pasture is that their products are healthier for you, which is one of the reasons why all of Hudson Meats' egg, poultry, meat and dairy products come from animals who have lived such a life. It not only provides us with the healthiest possible food, but also promotes and improves the welfare of animals, helps put an end to environmental degradation, supports small-scale farmers making a living from the land and assists with sustaining their rural communities.   Please note that some products are market dependant and are subject to change which is then reflected in price.